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Activated with speed and simplicity


Withstands high velocity impacts.


Low Tech (“KISS Rule,” keep it simple).


The ANCHOR is a patented door barricading device designed by veteran SWAT Officers specifically for instantly creating a “SAFE ZONE” during a crisis like lockdowns, lockouts, and domestic violence events.

The ANCHOR meets and exceeds all DHS/FBI Joint Intelligence Bulletin recommendations (Dated 27 Dec. 2012).

We have installed thousands of ANCHORs in numerous locations across the US.

Anchorman, Inc has exceeded code standards by creating an Anchor Plate so the ANCHOR is not permanently affixed to the door.  In addition, there is a mechanism built into the device for unlocking the ANCHOR from the outside by first responders (who have a special tool for this purpose.)

Features that make the ANCHOR superior to any other door barricading device on the market:

  • The door becomes an IMPENETRABLE barrier against active shooters and violent intruders.
  • You are not forced to OPEN the door to put it in place; allowing you to stay SAFE and hidden.
  • You do not have to OPEN the door to lock down (UNNECESSARILY) exposing yourself to the threat.
  • Your classroom is not “Target Identified” – meaning you remain UNDETECTED by those outside the door.
  • Simply engage the barrier with your toe, to quickly create a SAFE ZONE.
  • First Responders are provided a specially made access key to disengage the Anchor to reach rescue sites.
  • Once the threat subsides you can easily release the Anchor to allow you to exit through the door as normal.
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