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Applied vs Theoretical-Do They Know The Difference?

“Applied” critical thinking and “applied” physics? The pictured device is a typical ideation of what product importers and salespersons theoretically think is needed for active assailant Lockdowns and Lockouts. An understanding of applied physics as it relates to door strength and vulnerabilities immediately tells the experienced tactical clinician this locking device is on the VERY […]

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Teacher Couldn’t Get The Door Locked? Who’s Accountable?

So again after several deadly attacks over the last couple of months, we have “certificate holding experts” mass emailing their digital and podcast training courses.  They focus on what they sell or advertise as the solution: surveillance cameras, computer apps., and desk top simulation role playing!  Having early warning and reactive tools is absolutely necessary […]

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Anchorman, Inc. Situational Awareness Brief

  Attacks Against Civilians Likely More Indiscriminate Uniformed Personnel Specifically Singled Out. Analysis of terrorist attacks by violent extremists linked to foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) in the West between 1 January 2017 and 31 August 2017 indicates law enforcement, military, and government personnel have been specifically targeted in at least 13 of the 25 incidents […]

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IBEST Response Training-Real Knife Attack & Situational Awareness

Make no mistake, the man being attacked here did the best he could to defend against an ambush.  In fact, the more times I view it, he did a very good job defending against this surprise attack. However, situational awareness would have given him more time to respond.  That is the point of the IBEST […]

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Anchorman, Inc. Cadillac of Door Barricades!

Unlike our competitors, we don’t have to keep trying to create different variations of our door barricading device. Creating a reality based safety tool is next to impossible when you try to create a device without any understanding of the dynamics of what happens psychologically and physiologically when confronted with human violence and aggression. Not […]

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Behavioral Threat Assessment

Making Prevention A Reality

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Bomb Threats To Schools-What To Do!

Bomb Threats to Schools Situational Awareness

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Active Shooter Planning & Response In Healthcare

2017 Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting

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Door Barricades Save Lives

No Door Ever Breached?

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FBI Active Shooter Study-2000-2013

FBI Report Active Shooter 2000-2013 copy

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