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Anchorman, Inc. Life Safety Brief – Centrally Controlled Lockdowns

Initiative Based Evolving Strategies & Tactics

Our response to a person suggesting the idea of making our door barricade “centrally controlled.”

Our door barricade lockdown concept from the beginning was to be analog.  Dependence on fine motor skills, electricity, a computer program, or having to think of a code number, or finding a slide card (while under extreme duress), might work well in a demonstration.  However, we know from personal experience in many violent incidents when primal fear and stress are induced, depending on technology has a very real potential for failure!  The ability to react immediately and independently is critical.

Folks outside LE have to be educated about that by people with your experience.  Many times they just don’t want to hear it.  It is difficult for people who have never encountered other vicious and violent people to think about the reality of violence (and how lighting fast it happens).

Tom and I are the engineers of the Anchor concept.  If someone wants to come up with a way to close the Anchor using centrally controlled electronic or hydraulic systems, we are fine with that but don’t recommend it, and we aren’t looking to add anything to our design.

The whole purpose of the Active Crisis Tool door barricade from the beginning, from our perspective, was to empower the individual at the point of the assault to make an independent and immediate decision to lockdown.  And then to egress quickly if needed (via the ACT’s rapid interior, and patented, disengagement mechanism as opposed to the timely removal of chairs, desks, belts, and shoes that were used to barricade the door, per recommend FEMA, DHS, and Fire Marshall protocols).

The concept of decentralized decision making and simple task function, in our opinion, is one of the most important concepts of protecting oneself during a violent encounter.

Ok, good luck. Talk to you soon!


If this is happening outside your room, do you really want to depend on a computer, electricity, a number code, or a person in a booth far away to get your room locked down when YOU recognize a threat?