multiple active crisis tool/ The Anchor


Activated with speed and simplicity


Withstands high velocity impacts.


Low Tech (“KISS Rule,” keep it simple).


lt. col. rex grossman

Endorsed by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

two tactical police officers


The Co-founders of Anchorman Inc. is Tom Giandomenico and Jeff Coates, two decorated SWAT trainers and tactical officers from Los Angeles.  Giandomenico and Coates have breached hundreds of entries over their careers.  During a raid in 2003 on a well-known outlaw biker gang’s safehouse, they were unable to breach the door.  After many failed attempts and once the warrants were served, they noticed a device installed by the bikers to prevent entry.  An idea was born and this was the precursor to the ANCHOR we have today.  The patented “SAFE ZONE creation device” has gone through many design improvements and has come to be recognized as the finest tool of it’s kind among top security professionals.


The ANCHOR is safer and more effective than other door barricading device

The Owners

Thomas Giandomenico, President of Anchorman, Inc.
Thomas is a veteran military police officer who served for four years in the United States Army.

After his service to his Country, Thomas followed his passion for law enforcement by joining a large Sheriff’s Department in 1990. He was assigned as a Patrol Deputy the Los Angeles area, which is one of the highest gangs and crime-ridden areas in the County. After patrolling this area for years, he was hand-picked by his superior officers for his tactical experience, leadership, and command presence to serve as a drill instructor for the Department’s Recruit Academy.

In 1999 Thomas was chosen as a member of one of the busiest full-time SWAT teams. As a member of this team, Thomas was a Sniper, Entry Team member, and most notably a California State Licensed Explosive Breacher.

Due to Thomas’ leadership, outstanding composure under crisis situations, and common sense tactical abilities, he was encouraged by Department leaders to test for Sergeant. After receiving the highest score on the Sergeants exam, he was promoted.

Currently, Thomas is a Team Leader / Paramedic for his unit and a Crew Chief for the Sheriff’s rescue helicopter. He holds well over 25 State and Federal certifications in disciplines directly related to all areas of the special weapons teams and tactics (Firearms Instructor, Weapons of Mass Destruction tactical response team, Captain’s Commercial Boat License, Public Safety Diver and many others).

Thomas has applied his extensive background in special weapons and tactics (SWAT), and explosive breaching with three generations of machinist knowledge taught to him in his families’ machine shop. Currently, he holds (7) tactical tool patents, to include chemical agent deployment devices and most recently the Active Crisis Tool (ACT), which was designed as an emergency barricading system to barricade school doors against active shooter/assailant incidents. Thomas has deployed and authenticated the effective and efficient deployment of all these devices under real operational conditions while fighting crime.

Thomas works with the State Department’s Global Anti-Terror Assistance Team and has deployed to foreign countries such as Africa, Thailand, and Jordan. Thomas is one of the team’s lead instructors and teaches tactics and strategies that apply to urban law enforcement.

Jeffrey Coates, Chief Operations Officer of Anchorman, Inc.
Jeff has 35 years of continuous Military and Law Enforcemententral tactical experience. He started his law enforcement career as a deputy in the world’s largest jail system for 3 years. He was then assigned to patrol at Lennox Station located in the South Central Los Angeles area. A tenured Patrol Deputy he was selected by his supervisors to the highly coveted position of a Field Training Officer. From FTO he was promoted to the position of Detective with the Station’s COPS Team. He authored and executed numerous felony narcotics warrants in one of the highest Crip and Blood gang populated areas in Los Angeles County.  Jeff insistent his patrol time in South Central is where he learned his tactical skills and trade; he is very vocal patrol officers have the most dangerous and demanding job in law enforcement.  Stating “they are some of the most versatile and talented individuals in law enforcement!”

His next assignment was to Operation Safe Streets Bureau (OSS) where he was a member of the Gang Enforcement Team. After a period of time working street gangs, he was assigned directly to the Sheriff’s Special Operations Group, working major crimes cases as a Detective throughout the Los Angeles County area. He has testified multiple times in Superior Court as a court recognized Gang Expert and Narcotics for Sale Expert. During this time he was also deputized as a Federal Marshal and worked on a task force with the Marshal’s Office.

In 2003 he was selected as a member of his Department’s full-time SWAT Team. He held every team position up to Back-Up Scout. Jeff is a certified Sniper, Entry Team member, California State Licensed Tactical Explosive Breacher, and a Special Weapons Team Tactics Instructor. He holds a California POST and DEA Firearms Instructor Certification and has attended over 30 high-intensity advanced tactics military and law enforcement firearms and tactics courses.

Selected as SEB’s lead breacher and in charge of the Bureau’s training cadre for six years, Jeff has attended every major tactical explosive breacher’s course in the U.S. He has worked and trained with US Military, Israeli, European, Kuwait, and Canadian Special Forces. He has PERSONALLY and directly participated in over 1,000 high-risk SWAT operations (armed barricaded suspects, hostage rescues, active shooters, high-risk homicide suspect arrest, and high profile dignitary protection).

After completing an arduous and competitive testing process, in 2010 Jeff was selected to the elite Emergency Services Detail within SEB where he continued to work as an SEB team member and in addition, was trained as a State and Nationally certified Paramedic, Public Safety Diver, and Technical Rescue Operator on the Department’s Air 5 rescue helicopter. He holds an FBI Tactical Paramedic certification and is Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor certified.

Prior to joining the Sheriff’s Department, Jeff was an active duty Marine for just short of 8 years (1981-1989). He served as an Infantryman, Squad Leader, and a Platoon Sergeant. He also served several years with Marine Security Forces Company on the East Coast and has had multiple deployments overseas where he trained and worked with Foreign Military Forces.  Although Jeff did not serve Iraq or Afghanistan campaigns, he is proud to be a Marine and thankful for the sacrifices of all our men and women of all the services.

Jeff has many citations and awards for his leadership, handling of cases as a major crimes detective, and for his tactical excellence during his tenure with the Special Enforcement Bureau. He was awarded two Medal of Valor’s and numerous exemplary performance commendations for his conduct during officer-involved shootings and highly volatile and violent tactical operations.

After retirement from law enforcement in 2017, Jeff continues to work as the Chief Operations Officer of Anchorman, Inc., and the CEO of Anchorman Tactical, LLC.  He continues to attend numerous outside tactical training courses yearly and actively teaches his own firearms, tactics, and combatives designed IBEST courses.

In addition to his Anchorman, Inc. and Anchorman Tactical, LLC work and projects, he is part owner of PathFinders4x4, LLC Jeep Rentals & Tours in Saguache, Colorado and Hill Top Alpacas, LLC in Humboldt, Iowa.  Having grown up on the farm in Humboldt, Iowa, Jeff still has a 10-acre “Gentleman’s” farm and home in Humboldt.