The ANCHOR is a patented door barricading device designed by veteran SWAT Officers specifically for instantly creating a “SAFE ZONE” during a crisis like lockdowns, lockouts, and domestic violence events.

The ANCHOR meets and exceeds all DHS/FBI Joint Intelligence Bulletin recommendations (Dated 27 Dec. 2012).

We have installed thousands of ANCHORs in numerous locations across the US.

Anchorman, Inc has exceeded code standards by creating an Anchor Plate so the ANCHOR is not permanently affixed to the door.  In addition, there is a mechanism built into the device for unlocking the ANCHOR from the outside by first responders (who have a special tool for this purpose.)

  • The door becomes an IMPENETRABLE barrier against active shooters and violent intruders.
  • You are not forced to OPEN the door to put it in place; allowing you to stay SAFE and hidden.
  • You do not have to OPEN the door to lock down (UNNECESSARILY) exposing yourself to the threat.
  • Your classroom is not “Target Identified” – meaning you remain UNDETECTED by those outside the door.
  • Simply engage the barrier with your toe, to quickly create a SAFE ZONE.
  • First Responders are provided a specially made access key to disengage the Anchor to reach rescue sites.
  • Once the threat subsides you can easily release the Anchor to allow you to exit through the door as normal.


The Co-founders of Anchorman Inc. is Tom Giandomenico and Jeff Coates, two decorated SWAT trainers and tactical officers from Los Angeles.  Giandomenico and Coates have breached hundreds of entries over their careers.  During a raid in 2003 on a well-known outlaw biker gang’s safehouse, they were unable to breach one particular door.  After many failed attempts and once the warrants were served, they noticed a device installed by the bikers to prevent entry.  An idea was born and this was the precursor to the ANCHOR we have today.  The patented “SAFE ZONE creation device” has gone through many design improvements and has come to be recognized as the finest tool of it’s kind among top security professionals.

  • Easy and Intuitive
  • Door remains CLOSED
  • Gross motor skills – only
  • First responder accessible from outside
  • Made in America – Reliable
  • Machined using aerospace technologies
  • Analog – Doesn’t depend on electricity
  • Durable & Destruction proof
  • You remain UNDETECTED
  • Designed by SWAT pros


Instantly create a SAFE ZONE within your building during an active shooter crisis.

The concept for the ANCHOR was born out of necessity.  Active Shooter incidents have become an epidemic in the United States and throughout the world.

Don’t let your school, workplace, or place of worship go one more day unprotected from violent intruders!  


  1. Remain UNDETECTED in your SAFE ZONE

2. First Responder friendly with a proprietary unlocking key

3. Simple activation:
– Not dependent on electricity.
– No coded key buttons.
– Gross motor skills only.


Activated under stress with speed and simplicity


Withstands high-velocity impacts.


Low Tech (“KIS-US Rule,” keep it simple under stress).

The plate is one solid piece of military-grade aluminum block that has been machined to accept the Anchor and is surface mounted to the door with four 3/16 in. x 1/2 in. stainless steel or titanium screws. These screws (and their holes) do not violate the integrity of the fire door. The plate is 1⁄2 in. thick and weighs 14.9 oz. The melting point of the aluminum plate is 933.57 K and aluminum burns at over 4,100 K which is well beyond the fire resistance of the fire door it is installed in. The plate is attached to the bottom of the door where fire temperatures are typically cooler.

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