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Withstands high velocity impacts.


Low Tech (“KISS Rule,” keep it simple).

Category: Anchorman Safety Concepts

ISIL Targeting in West Includes a Diverse Set of Soft Targets

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Used in the 13 November 2015 Paris Attacks This Joint Intelligence Bulletin (JIB) is intended to provide a review of the tactics, techniques and procedures demonstrated by the perpetrators of the 13 November 2015 attacks in Paris, France. Paris Attacks Bulletin >

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San Bernardino Terrorist Attack by NYFD

Prepared by the FDNY Center for Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness. This document is provided for your information and use. It is intended for firefighting, EMS, law enforcement, security, antiterrorism and intelligence personnel. San Bernardino Terror Attack – Fireguard

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Anchorman, Inc “ANCHOR” Brochure

Instantly create a SAFE ZONE within your building during a crisis. This flyer shows you how it works, and the history behind the ANCHOR. The ANCHOR by Anchorman Inc. is the BEST safe zone creation device on the market – bar none and is the most acclaimed tool to safely and instantly create a barrier […]

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Anchorman, Inc. Lockdown Guide

What is a Lockdown? There are several definitions for the term lockdown, the most common of which pertains to a state of containment or a restriction of progression. A lockdown is an emergency protocol to prevent people or information from escaping, which usually can only be ordered by someone in command. Lockdowns are also used […]

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Safety Begins In The Mind!

It touched a deep and dark place in my heart when I read and watched the story about this horrendous crime. Some useless “tool bag” viciously killed a mother, grandmother, and a successful businesswoman whose only purpose was to show him a property she had listed for sale. It is also quite personal, as a […]

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