Activated with speed and simplicity


Withstands high velocity impacts.


Low Tech (“KISS Rule,” keep it simple).


Free Defend-In-Place Plan

Defend-In-Place Plan

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CCGS Active Assailant Preparedness

CCGS Active Assailants

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Netflix 13 Reasons Why Webinar.ppt

Netflix 13 Reasons Why Webinarppt

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What Are The Drugs In Your Child’s World?

What are the Drugs in your Child’s World?

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Behavioral Threat Assessment

Making Prevention A Reality

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Bomb Threats To Schools-What To Do!

Bomb Threats to Schools Situational Awareness

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Active Shooter Planning & Response In Healthcare

2017 Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting

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Door Barricades Save Lives

No Door Ever Breached?

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FBI Active Shooter Study-2000-2013

FBI Report Active Shooter 2000-2013 copy

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Washington Post-Active Shooter-What To Do

Active Shooter Update

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